This time Rave Infotech has conducted a meditation session for their employees to reduce stress, grasp positive energy, gain more clarity and enhance their productivity.

The seminar started with a powerpoint presentation followed by exercise and group meditation guided by an audio. Employees had also interacted with the trainer for resolving their questions. This successful session was highly admired by the employees for giving them peace and enlightening their mood, with the hope of having more of the sessions ahead.

For this session, we had Mr. Vikram Jain with us for Planetary Peace Meditation. He is associated with Yoga Prana Vidhya as a Level 1 – Trainer. Yoga Prana Vidya is a system to Balance our Energy! The goal is to increase the entire body’s vitality and life energy. It provides energy-based treatments, training and holistic alternative medicine for mental, emotional and physical pain.