4 08, 2022

Adobe Commerce (Magento) 2.4.5 Will Be Released on August 9th, 2022

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Adobe spared no effort in Adobe Commerce (Magento) version 2.4.5, as it is a significant upgrade from its previous version in terms of security, performance, and overall platform experiences, for Merchants and their customers. Magento 2.4.5 includes 400+ quality fixes and enhancements, including 20 Security Fixes, and hundreds of core code issues were fixed. [...]

18 04, 2022

Web Accessibility: Need, Benefits & Tips of WCAG Compliance for eCommerce

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WCAG compliance is necessary for eCommerce stores for a few reasons. Firstly, WCAG compliance ensures that your store is accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. This not only includes people with visual impairments, but also those with hearing impairments, physical disabilities, and even cognitive disabilities. Secondly, WCAG compliance helps to ensure that your store [...]

24 02, 2022

Vulnerability Scan and Remediation Management for eCommerce Stores | Rave Digital

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Is your store vulnerable? 24 out of the top 30 US retailers have online vulnerabilities, per a study by Cyberpion. Rave Digital is your partner to perform vulnerability remediation promptly upon detection. Once a vulnerability has been discovered, the ideal solution is to remediate it—to fix or patch the vulnerability before it can become a [...]

11 02, 2022

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4: Important 2022 Dates & Release Schedules for Merchants

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The future of eCommerce is here; Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 will be released in March 2022! This latest version will allow merchants to remain competitive with the hottest technologies inbuilt coupled with robust features designed to improve shopping experiences and improve store management experiences for admins! Built on the latest version of PHP (8.1) Magento 2.4.4 [...]

20 01, 2022

Rave Digital Partners with Gorgias to deliver exceptional customer experiences!

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We love what we do and always put our clients first. We strive to provide an outstanding experience, whether you need a one-time fix or ongoing support; we've got it covered! Rave Digital is an award-winning B2B eCommerce Agency focused on customizing, implementing, and maintaining B2B eCommerce solutions for businesses at every stage. From [...]

28 12, 2021

How Topps went Global by Launching its Website for India, Japan & Brazil’s Mature Market

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Renowned for its memorabilia and sports cards in the US, The Topps Company, Inc. was founded in 1938. Generations of Americans have grown up collecting Topps trading cards and products. There’s a wide range of sports memorabilia available at, including UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Major League Baseball, Major Soccer Leagues, WWE, Star [...]

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