“We care for our employees.”

Rave Infosys has always been concerned for the well-being of its employees.

This is the reason why we keep organizing interactive sessions with experts from time to time. This time, we have conducted an Ergonomic session considering our employees busy schedule and the time which they spend in front of computers.

For this interactive session, we called upon ‘ERGOGENESIS’. It is a group whose basic aim is to educate a corporate person about work related injuries which occurs due to long sittings in the workstation and also to teach their prevention. ‘Ergogenesis’ provide “ERGONOMIC AWARENESS PROGRAM” in corporate companies where these injuries are prevalent.

The seminar was supported by visuals and videos. After the presentation on the life style related health issues and simple exercises to avoid those, employees also had a personal discussion with the ERGOGENESIS representative.

They have also learned to perform basic exercises that can prevent the uneasiness caused by elongated sittings. All the employees have appreciated this effort which surely helps them in maintaining a sedentary lifestyle.