MasterCard is expanding their BIN series. MasterCard® has received an additional range of 2-series numbers to add to the 5-series that they currently provide. The 2-series BINs operate in the same way as the 5-series. MasterCard customer financial institutions can expect to be issued 2-series BINs starting in 2017. Bank Identification Numbers (BINs), which are the first six digits of the account number, are fundamental to payments. They identify the issuing institution for the account and ensure that each transaction is routed correctly.

What merchants need to know

All merchant POS (Point of Sale) terminals and related systems, web page checkout software and anywhere a MasterCard card number is accepted or housed, must be 2-series ready per timing in the table below. Merchants should work with their acquirer or service provider to evaluate their systems to determine whether updates are needed to accept 2-series BIN payments. Merchants who would like to request 2-series test or production cards can send an email to

Potential implications for merchants

  • POS terminals and/or cash register updates
  • Educating your employees
  • Reporting, processing, and reconciliation
  • E-commerce/online checkout

Patch for Magento SUPEE-8967

Earlier Magento versions couldn’t recognize Credit cards with the updated BIN number range, this patch fixes it. The new Magento Security patch SUPEE-8967 contains the update for Magento to correctly recognize updated BIN range of card numbers from MasterCard. It is applicable only to Magento versions prior to CE and is already included in versions CE and later. For versions older than Magento CE, a previous patch for discover changes (SUPEE-2725) needs to be applied first.

Consult with our Magento Certified Developers to Implement the SECURITY PATCH