J&G Security

About The Project

J&G Security is one of Texas’s top security guard companies which offers an immediate response to onsite incidents from fires to break-in attempts. This is a unique mobile business application from them to simplify the safety reporting and data collection requirements for the company, employees, and contractors.



.Net Secured Web Services

Geo Locator

Large Data Search Management

Advanced Custom Reporting

Create and Manage Users

Enhanced User Management/Security

All systems have some or other kind of user management, roles, some kind of access control. There are certain custom application that need to control more fine grained access control. Our implementation of user management module allows finer privileges and thus enhanced security in accessing control panel/admin panel. We also have 2 blog articles that takes security to next level for Wordpress and Magento. Refer to following articles
  • Security in Wordpress
  • Security in Magento

JSON Web Services

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