2020 Guide to Picking The Right Salesforce Edition: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited.

Deciding which edition of Salesforce CRM is appropriate for your organization can be a daunting task. Salesforce offers multiple editions with different functionality levels. Hence without learning the capabilities and functionalities of each edition, the decision to pick one becomes challenging.

If “What are the different Salesforce editions?” your question, this blog is the answer to it.

With this content piece, you’ll get an extensive review and comparison of Salesforce CRM editions. We’ll also provide you with details (of features) for a quick side-by-side comparison of the various Salesforce Editions. Once you’re done reading this blog and reviewing Salesforce edition comparison, the choice of which Salesforce Edition to choose for your business will be more precise and clear.

Without any further ado, let’s begin learning about the editions!

Primary Salesforce Editions To Consider For Your Business in 2020

There are four primary Salesforce Editions available: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. Let’s dive deep into learning more about each one of them.

Salesforce Essentials Edition

Preferred by: Small Businesses

Essentials Edition Costing: $25 USD Per User, Per Month

Salesforce Essentials Edition offers a ready-to-go platform for small businesses to manage and grow their business effectively. The businesses can leverage easy-to-use UI and intuitive walkthrough guides to customize and get started with their deployment.

Salesforce Essentials Edition Feature List

  • Customizable Sales Process
  • Lead Management
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Full Offline Mobile Functionality
  • Automated Routing
  • Email Integration
  • Ticket Management
  • AppExchange and many more.

Salesforce Professional Edition

Preferred by: Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

Professional Edition Costing: $75 USD Per User, Per Month

The professional edition has been designed for businesses who demand a full-featured CRM functionality to manage their business. The businesses can conveniently administer their entire sales cycle with salesforce professional edition.

Salesforce Professional Edition Feature List

  • Comprehensive Lead Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Mass Emails
  • Quotes and Orders
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Reports
  • Case Management
  • Process Builders, and more.

Salesforce Enterprise Edition

Preferred by: Large & Complex Businesses

Enterprise Edition Costing: $150 USD Per User, Per Month

In addition to the features offered by Professional Edition, Enterprise edition additionally helps large businesses to automate their complex business processes using workflow and approvals. This edition offers advanced customization and management tools to support large-scale deployments. Additionally, Enterprise edition also includes access to Salesforce APIs, so that the businesses can effortlessly integrate with back-office systems.

Salesforce Enterprise Edition Feature Lis

  • Territory Management
  • Salesforce APIs
  • Workflows & Approvals
  • Sales Console App
  • Advanced Report Types
  • Unlimited profiles and roles per org
  • Unlimited processes and flows per org
  • Lead Registration, and more.

Salesforce Unlimited Edition

Preferred by: Large Business (More than 1000 users)

Unlimited Edition Costing: $300 USD Per User, Per Month

As the name suggests, this Salesforce service cloud unlimited edition offers access to countless online training, 100+ admin services, and premier support. With salesforce unlimited edition, the businesses can build unlimited custom apps and tabs to tailor Salesforce as per their convenience and business requirements.

Salesforce Unlimited edition, with its comprehensive features, presents new levels of platform flexibility to manage and share information on demand. Additionally, the admins can gain access to multiple sandboxes for development and testing with the Unlimited edition of the Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Unlimited Edition Feature List

  • Developer Pro Sandbox
  • Workflow & Approvals
  • Web Services API
  • Increased Storage Limits
  • Unlimited Custom Apps
  • Full Mobile Access
  • 24*7 Toll-free support

Apart from the above four primary sales cloud editions, Salesforce offers one exclusive edition for the developers, which lets them extend the power of Salesforce to build modern and unique mobile and enterprise applications.

Salesforce Developer Edition

Preferred by: Professional Developers

Salesforce Developer Edition Pricing: NA

Apart from providing access to many of the features available in Enterprise Edition, the Developer edition offers its users (mostly developers) with access to the Lightning Platform and Salesforce APIs. It offers the developers with the flexibility to extend Salesforce, integrate with other applications, and develop new tools and applications.

SF does not provide any technical support for this edition but the users can ask for help from the developer community by registering for the Lightning Platform developer website..

List of Salesforce Editions that Aren’t’ Sold now

Salesforce has grown over time and has upgraded its Sales Cloud Editions as per their clientele. There are a few Salesforce Editions that are no longer sold by them, which includes the following:

  • Contact Manager Edition: Contact Manager Edition was designed specifically for SMEs to provide access to key contact management characteristics such as contacts, calendars, accounts, reports, activities, notes, and attachments.
  • Group Edition: Salesforce Group Edition was a great fit for small business owners that required a basic CRM service to manage their leads, contacts, tasks, accounts, events, and other standard tasks.
  • Personal Edition: Designed keeping in mind the single users and individual sales representatives, Salesforce Personal edition was perfect for individual sales representatives.
  • Performance Edition: Salesforce Performance Edition was aimed at driving growth, maximizing sales, and increasing customer satisfaction in the social and mobile world.

Why prefer Salesforce cloud Solutions?

Sales Cloud has emerged as one of the central places for representatives to manage all the sales-related activities. Using these Salesforce CRM versions with varied features can help businesses and executives to spend less time on management duties and more time in closing deals.

The Sales Cloud will give real-time visibility into your teams’ activities, improving productivity, and forecasting goal achievements. Additionally, Sales Cloud offers an easy interface with multiple customizations. Since it’s cloud-based, anyone can access Sales Cloud with just an internet connection. You need not spend thousands on expensive hardware or software licenses for the team.

Furthermore, the Sales Cloud solution offers scalability to your business. When your business grows, you can upgrade to other editions available in salesforce accordingly. As listed above, you can pick the one that offers better features for your business. Choosing an apt edition will ensure no disruption to your business.

Top SF Edition Questions

1. What is Salesforce performance edition?

Salesforce Performance edition is amongst those SF editions that are no longer sold. It used to include all the features of SF Unlimited Edition and many more but is now off the market as a sales cloud solution.

2. Difference between professional and enterprise edition salesforce?

Enterprise Edition offers 5 campaigns per opportunity while professional edition allows only 3. Apart from the features included in the professional edition, EE presents its users with access to Salesforce APIs. Additionally, you can learn here more about the difference.

3. What are different salesforce licenses?

Salesforce presents its users with usage-based entitlements. A Salesforce user license will determine the baseline of features that the user can access. A user can hold only one salesforce license. Below are the different types of salesforce licenses:

  • Chatter User Licenses
  • Standard User Licenses
  • Sites and Site.com User Licenses
  • Service Cloud Portal User Licenses
  • Authenticated Website User Licenses

Salesforce also offers the following licenses to orgs that utilize customer portal or partner portal:

  • Customer Portal User Licenses
  • Customer Portal—Enterprise Administration User Licenses
  • Partner Portal User Licenses

4. How much is salesforce a month?

The price for each Salesforce edition is fixed and is classified as per user per month basis. Below is a list of current salesforce edition with its price:

  • Essentials Edition: $25/month/user
  • Professional Edition: $75/month/user
  • Enterprise Edition: $150/month/user
  • Unlimited Edition: $300/month/user

What Salesforce Edition should I choose?

Depending on the size of your business and team, you must choose a Salesforce edition that’s reasoned and profitable for you. It’s crucial to carefully consider the complexities of your organization and process, along with customization requirements.

Looking into each of these factors closely will help you see how the functional capabilities and process limitations of each Salesforce edition might resonate with your needs.

Ultimately you must choose the one that matches you the most to efficiently manage your sales activities and receive a high-performing sales team as a result.

So, what Salesforce Edition would you prefer for your business?

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