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2 09, 2020

7 Latest Mobile App Development Best Practices to Follow in 2020

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Be it Android or iPhone, the development of mobile applications for your business can be intimidating. Even if you have a technical background, you might have to dive deep into mobile applications' technicalities, which can be a challenging task. Moreover, if you're to venture into developing your business application yourself, it may take months or [...]

15 06, 2015

Benefits & Importance of HTML 5 over HTML 4

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HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML which is the core markup language of the World Wide Web that can be written in both HTML (HTML 5) and XML (XHTML 5) language. In this newest version of HTML, a number of APIs have been added such as Timed media playback, Canvas element, Offline storage database, Document editing, Drag-and-drop, Cross-document messaging, Browsing history management etc. that shape the foundation of Web architecture. HTML 5 is specially designed in order to meet the changing Web 2.0 world.

15 06, 2015

iPhone 5: Ultrafast Mobile Phone

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iPhone 5 has finally arrived. Apple has launched the big phone in one of its event in San Francisco. The next generation iPhone comes with many enthralling features that everyone’s expecting for. Wider display, better resolution, light weight, and slim body, all these features make the iPhone 5 a most beautiful phone ever produced by Apple. Apple has once again proved the reason why it is the favorite mobile phone brand for so many people.

15 06, 2015

iCloud.com Email Addresses for Apple Users

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After the launch of its new operating system Mountain Lion, Apple seems to be in no mood to give even a slightest advantage to its competitors. In a latest “Update's Change Log” the company has announced that the transitions of its users from old me.com email addresses to the new iCloud.com addresses has been started. People signing up for new Apple devices (or say Apple ID’s) would automatically get the new @iCloud.com email addresses.

15 06, 2015

iOS 6 – Siri, Facebook, New Maps and More

2019-11-11T14:27:30+00:00Categories: iPhone|

The highly anticipated new operating system iOS 6 from Apple has finally hit the floor with many outstanding features. The new operating system iOS 6 is ready to give iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users a taste of new digital world. Apple has announced the pre-release version of the iOS 6 at its World Wide Developers Conference which means it is only available for developers right now. The full-fledged version for all the users would be announced in fall this year i.e. September-October, 2012.

15 06, 2015

Google+ iPhone App Gets Updated Version

2019-11-11T12:36:18+00:00Categories: iPhone|

Google has recently announced the updated version of Google+ iPhone app, a much-needed renovation that everyone was anticipating since the release of its first version. The company confirms the availability of the new version of the app on apple app store. After an unimpressive performance with its previous version, the company now seems to give users an incredible experience with its new version. The new Google+ app looks so promising; we may think that the Google+ social network wasn’t that bad thing.

15 06, 2015

The New Ipad: The Third Generation Tablet Computer And Predecessor

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The new iPad, formerly rumored to be named as “iPad HD” or “iPad 3”, provides a higher-resolution Retina Display, like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, offering a resolution of 2048×1536 or 3.1 million pixels. The new iPad also became the first Apple device to have support for 4G LTE networks. The 4G-connected iPad will be able to double as a personal hot spot, similar to other 4G gadgets. There would be two versions of iPad compatible with LTE in the U.S., said Apple worldwide marketing VP, Phil Schiller.

15 06, 2015

iBooks 2

2019-11-11T13:10:24+00:00Categories: iPhone|

Apple has recently announced the free release of iBooks 2, an e-book application designated for iPod, iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 4 or later, which can easily be switched between portrait mode and landscape modes for interactive reading. In addition, the iPhone Maker has also unveiled iBooks Author, an application that will allow anyone to create interactive textbooks for reading in iBooks. Besides the digital textbook, the company has also decided to expand iBookStore with a textbook category added in it.

15 06, 2015

iTunes Match

2019-11-11T13:42:08+00:00Categories: iPhone|

Apple has launched the missing piece of the puzzle in their wireless mobile music systems i.e. iTunes Match. Many of us are familiar with iTunes which enables the easy storage and delivery of songs over the Internet. You can also store them on faraway computers called the cloud and retrieve them wirelessly on devices connected to the Internet. iTunes Match is a $24.99 per year service through which we can also upload our computer system songs to a personal locker in the cloud songs area.

15 06, 2015

iPhone 4S

2019-11-11T13:28:03+00:00Categories: iPhone|

iPhone 4S is the latest member of the Apple’s iPhone family representing the fifth generation of the iPhone. It can be described as a single gadget providing a combination of features of various devices like hand-held computer, cell-phone, GPS, digital/video camera, and music player. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Escalating the iPhone4S capabilities more, it is also supported by an online infrastructure.

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