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15 06, 2015

iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S is the latest member of the Apple’s iPhone family representing the fifth generation of the iPhone. It can be described as a single gadget providing a combination of features of various devices like hand-held computer, cell-phone, GPS, digital/video camera, and music player. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Escalating the iPhone4S capabilities more, it is also supported by an online infrastructure.

15 06, 2015

OS X Lion

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OS X Lion is the new and eighth major release of Mac OS X, Apple's desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers. Apple has released OS X Lion on July 20, 2011. Built on solid UNIX foundation platform, OS X is developed to take full advantage of the technologies in every new Mac.OS X Lion brings many enhanced features made in Apple's iOS, such as simple navigable display of installed applications, to the Mac, and includes exclusive support for the Mac App Store.

15 06, 2015


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Apple has recently announced its fascinating iWork productivity apps, Keynote, Pages and Numbers which work for three Apple devices i.e. iPhone, iPod and iPad. In the series of iWork upgrade, it is the latest iWork software. It was initially created for the Mac and then completely redesigned for iOS and Apple’s Multi-Touch interface. It enables you to create and share stunning presentations, fantastic formatted documents and powerful spreadsheets.

15 06, 2015


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Apple's new iCloud service doesn't entirely launch until the fall alongside iOS 5. iCloud is the most recent trade name of Apple's cloud computing services. Through the iCloud service users can download music files to various Apple devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc. One of the main feature of iCloud is that it is free for Apple compatible devices. Through Wi-Fi, iCloud repeatedly back up user’s data such as books, photos and videos daily and store it.

15 06, 2015

iOS 5

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iOS 5 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Though there is some time in its release but its features were announced on June 6 at the WWDC 2011 keynote address. This latest Operating system claims to have around 200 new features and an updated SDK with over 1,500 new APIs and powerful new development tools. There is so much for both developers and users like iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, Twitter and new Game Center APIs and what not.

15 06, 2015

iPad 2

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This time Apple Inc. has come up with its latest iPad 2. It is the second generation of iPad (tablet computer). The first thing you notice will be its design which is thinner and lighter than the first iPad i.e. iPad 1. iPad 2 is available in two colors black or white. But if you still want some more colors to it you can go for the smart covers. These smart covers provide an additional protection to your iPad screen. They can be desirably flipped due to built-in magnets. iPad 2 is available in two colors black or white.

12 06, 2015

iPhone 4

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Apple the makers of iPhone introduces its most awaited generation next device and world’s thinnest smart phone iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is sleeker and more advanced than the first iPhone. Like the iPhone 3GS, it comes in black or white, though it has a more angular look. Its front and back are covered with [...]

9 06, 2014

Apple Swift – A New Language for iOS and OS X Apps

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On 2-June-2014 at WWDC Apple has introduced a new programming language "Swift". Swift is designed & developed to make it much easier to program applications on Mac OS X and iOS devices. It is an innovative and new programming language for Cocoa & Cocoa touch. Coding in Swift is interactive and fun task, it provides concise & expressive syntax.

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